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Biotech Activities is the most sophisticated insect farming company in Spain, focusat improving processes that contributes to a circular economy, sustainable and natural protein sources from crickets, most specifically Acheta Domesticus.

Our mission is to preserve the environment and contribute to the food and feed balance with nature.

We lead the cricket market improving industrial but at the same time sustainable processes to supply the current demand of sustainable protein sources, providing high quality and constant production.

We are successful thanks to inspiration, hard work, highly trained staff combine with our wish to share this passion with the world give us the opportunity to give back the best of us.

We have joined the IPIFF as members to contribute to the promotion of the use of insects for human consumption and insect derived products as a food source for animal feed.

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Our products

Need more information about our products and packaging?

We offer solutions according to your needs.

Biotech Activities follows the EU and local regulations for animal farming. We follow strict regulations for all processes, from incubation to harvest, in a safe environment guaranteeing quality in flavor and microbiology security.


The potential of using crickets are limitless, as it can be use from baked goods, beverages,snacks,food supplements and many other applications for the food industry.

Need more information about our products and packaging?

We offer solutions according to your needs.

High nutritional value

Entomophagy It has been part of the diet of millions of people for thousands of years and continues to be part of the diet of many people in Africa and countries such as Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand to name a few.However, it has not been something common in the diet and customs of Western cultures. Now, due to the search for more sustainable ingredients and because we are increasingly interested in the nutritional levels of the ingredients that we use in our daily lives, we can say that insects comply with the current commercial demand that requires certain values ​​or characteristics in the products that we can find in supermarkets, such as protein, omega 3 and vitamins.

Acheta crickets can meet the commercial demands of consumers due to its high level of protein, omega 3, omega 6 at levels similar to those of salmon as well as vitamins B1, B2 and B12 at levels similar to beef.


&Circular Economy



2000x less WATER



13x less LAND



12x less FEED



100x less GNG



Crickets require a small fraction of the water, and land that pork, beef, chicken, and soy requires while producing little to no greenhouse gasses.

The most sustainable source of protein

To produce the same ammount of protein you need:


112 liters of water


51 liters of water


19 liters of water


29 liters of water


2 liters of water

Animal feed

Our brand for animal feed


Entopet was founded in Spain in November 2021 to provide a sustainable source of protein and feed for animals from the Acheta domesticus cricket.

Entopet is a brand of Biotech activities that specializes in animal feed. Providing value in addition to nutritional value in sustainable value.

We offer solutions based on the acheta domesticus cricket for the petfood industry, livestock, fish farming, aquaculture and animals that need live food and frozen crickets.


Animal feed

Ideal for petfood


Crickets are the perfect component for animal feed formulas due to the protein,vitamin, and amino acids content. Also ishypoallergenic which increases its superiority over other ingredients.

Ideal for birds&fish

Aquaculture & Poultry

Crickets improve the fish and birds growth levels.

Also in birds, crickets have a positive impact on their feathers and muscle growth.

Ideal for feed

Pig farming

Recent studies prove that diets including crickets iworks better than the ones using fish flour, due the perfect ammount of amino acids,protein and nutrients,enhancing the performance.

Animal feed

Ideal for feed


Is a lot of benefits by using crickets in animal #nutrition, as you might know many companies in the #petfood industry and #aquaculture already use #crickets as part of their formulas because the #protein,#vitamins,#minerals,#amino acids content, great results and #ecological impact. Crickets are not considered a pathogenic specie and do not represent a risk to human, vegetables and animal health.

We can provide our live crickets inside the iberian peninsula, also as fresh frozen worldwide.We can quote other formats and packaging according to your needs, guaranteeing a fresh product. We guarantee microbiological safety and freshness.

As one of the largest and most reliable producers of crickets in Europe, our product is consistent in quality.We are capable of handling large order sizes with ease.Our location gets us the advantage to supply our customers with customized solutions to their needs and requirements, while ensuring a high-quality product, deliver fast in a shorter distance within days on-time and within budget.

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If we want to change the world, we must start from our diets, changing our habits and ingredients in the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. Crickets infuse all the nutrients perfect for human and animal consumption alongside benefits for the preservation for our planet.